NEC Members

National Executive Committee Members.

Dr. Boniface Chitayi - KPA Chairperson

Dr. Boniface Chitayi

Dr. David Wairoto - Secretary

Dr. David Wairoto

DR Mercy Karanja -Treasurer

Dr. Mercy Karanja

Dr Victoria Wamukhoma-Vice Chairperson

Dr. Victoria Wamukhoma

Dr. Lina Akello

Dr. Lina Akello

NEC Member
DR Edith kwobah-CME Coordinator

Dr. Edith Kwobah

CME Coordinator

Dr. Neema Araka

Dr. Sarah Katara Wawa (KPA Deputy-secretary)

Dr. Sarah Katara Wawa

Vice Secretary
Dr Lindah Nyamute

Dr. Linda Nyamute

KPA NEC Member

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