Bipolar Disorders

How it feels for a Bipolar Disorder victim to survive without Meds and how I manage it

As a bipolar disorder victim, I am certain that a good percentage of fellows who have undergone diagnosis and confirmed the illness may find it hard to afford meds. This is rampant in countries where mental illness is never a top priority and only focuses on physical illness. Such countries have considerably high costs for psychiatric services and medications. In this article, I have crafted an overview of how it feels to survive without medication and the steps I have

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10 Things you should know about anti-depressants?

There are many types. One size doesn’t fit all and choice is made by the clinician based on one’s symptoms e.g. some are preferred when one has sleep problems; availability in the country of residence, age of the patient, other medical conditions, other medication being taken among other factors. Antidepressant effects take about 2-3weeks to be felt. Do not expect to pop a pill today and feel great tomorrow. Patience is key. You should be consistent with your antidepressant intake. Try to fix

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