Title: Guidelines for Writing Abstracts for the Upcoming KPA Conference


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The abstract is a concise summary of a research study, project, or presentation that provides readers with a clear understanding of the content and significance of the work. This guideline aims to assist participants in crafting effective abstracts for the upcoming Kenya Psychiatric Association (KPA) Conference.



  1. Title: Choose a clear and informative title that accurately represents the content of your work.
  2. Structure: Follow a structured format for your abstract, including Background, Methods, Results, Conclusion, and Recommendations/Key messages.
  3. Word Limit: Ensure your abstract stays within the specified word limit (e.g., 300 words), as exceeding it may lead to disqualification.



  1. Background: Provide a brief introduction to the topic, outlining the context and relevance of your work.
  2. Methods: Briefly describe the study design, methodology, or approach used to address the research question or objective.
  3. Results: Summarize the key findings or outcomes of your study, including statistical analyses or significant observations.



  1. Conclusion: Clearly state the main conclusions or implications of your work based on the results obtained.
  2. Recommendations/Key Messages: Highlight any recommendations or key messages that arise from your study’s findings.


Recommendations/Key messages:

  1. Key Messages: Identify 2-3 key messages or take-home points that will resonate with the audience and align with the conference theme.
  2. Recommendations: If applicable, provide practical recommendations for future research, clinical practice, or policy development.


Note: Ensure that your abstract is original, concise, and coherent. Avoid excessive technical jargon and abbreviations, as the abstract should be accessible to a diverse audience. Proofread your abstract carefully for grammatical and typographical errors before submission.


By following these guidelines, participants can craft abstracts that effectively communicate the essence and significance of their work to the KPA Conference attendees. Remember to adhere to the submission deadline and guidelines provided by the conference organizers.


We look forward to receiving your submissions and sharing valuable insights and research at the upcoming KPA Conference.


For any further inquiries or clarifications, please contact the conference organizing committee at [email protected]