The Place of Quetiapine XR in the Management of BMD

Bipolar & Related Disorders by Dr. Mucheru-Wang’ombe Consultant Psychiatrist, Mathari Teaching &Referral Hospital & Healthy Mind Consultants The Place of Quetiapine XR in

Sen. Hamida A. Kibwana, MP.

Senator Hamida Kibwana’s Vision for Mental Health in Kenya

Senator Hamida Kibwana’s inspiring address at the 15th Annual Scientific Conference of the Kenya Psychiatrist Association underscores the vital link between mental well-being and national prosperity. She emphasizes the need to address the rising mental health cases in Kenya, as well as the importance of legislation, awareness, and funding for mental health. Her commitment to the cause and pledge to tackle social determinants make this a powerful call to action. Join the movement for a healthier, more resilient, and prosperous Kenya!