Abstract Review Site Walk-Through

Reviewing an Abstract

After the author has successfully submitted the submission and the submission is accepted, the next process is the Review Process stage, at this stage the journal editor will assign a user reviewer to evaluate the article file that has been submitted, and the reviewer will carry out his duties.

Like checking whether the article is in accordance with journal policies, and acceptance requirements or not by following the applied reviewer guidelines.

So it can be concluded that the reviewer will determine whether the article can be accepted, rejected, or accepted with several revisions.


  • Your OJS account must have a role as a “Reviewer” to be able to review articles.

Reviewing an Abstract

Make sure you are logged in using the role of “Reviewer” and open your dashboard.

Selecting the article to be reviewed

Select the article/journal you want to review. As an example, I will choose to review the submission below.


Step 1:1. “Request” step

Select “Accept Review, Continue to step #2” to continue.

You can accept reviews or not. But for this tutorial, we will accept it.

2. “Guidelines” step

On this page/step, we will get a “Reviewer Guidelines” before reviewing an article/journal. Read the reviewer’s guide first. After understanding the guidelines, you can click “Continue to Step #3”.

3. “Download & Review” step

On this page/step, press the submitted article, it will download the file. Wait a few moments while downloading the file.

And after that, open the file.

Once open, in the menu select “Review“, continue to block several selected sentences then select “New Comment“. And you can start reviewing the article.

And if you are finished and want to upload the review file, you can upload it in “File Reviewer” then select “Upload File“.

If you want to finish it later or want to save the results temporarily, you can click “Save for Later”. If you have completed the review along with other info, you can press “Submit Review”.

4. “Completion” end of step

And as a result, you have successfully reviewed the journal!

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