The state of Men’s Mental Health within the Lakeside

Contrasting Roles: Men and Women by the Lake
From the images below, you can tell that activities within the lake are predominantly undertaken by men, while women are seen engaging in tasks on the shores. This division of labor reveals the higher physical and psychological demands placed on men, increasing their susceptibility to mental health problems.

On-shore scenes at the Lake
Off-shore scenes at the Lake
On-shore scenes at the Lake
Off-shore images

The Burden of Responsibility

In the photograph below, a man controls a motorboat, taking passengers on a lake tour. He carries the weight of ensuring the safety of his passengers, including a man holding a baby and his partner. If the man in control has an underlying, unrecognized mental health issue, the lives of everyone on board are at risk. This scenario underscores the critical need for heightened awareness and advocacy for men’s mental health.

A motorboat tour into the Lake

The Struggle for Rest

A man struggling to control sleep

The image depicts a man struggling to nap on a boat. When asked about his sleepiness, he explains that his nights and days are consumed by work and vigilance due to theft and nighttime fishing activities. The lack of sleep is detrimental to mental rejuvenation, highlighting the importance of addressing men’s mental health issues.

Conversations with men at the lakeside reveal a general lack of awareness about mental health. Many resort to unsafe coping mechanisms such as substance abuse, risky sexual behavior, and other immoral activities. This unawareness contributes to broader societal issues, including crime and the spread of diseases, emphasizing the urgent need for mental health programs.

As the primary controllers of many lake activities, men’s unawareness of mental health issues poses risks not only to themselves but also to those around them. Therefore, advocating for men’s mental health awareness is crucial.

This article aims to elicit reactions and promote the implementation of mental health awareness programs by various responsible bodies, including the regional health ministry. I believe that by highlighting these real-life scenarios, we can work towards practical solutions to combat the mental health challenges faced by men. #MensMentalHealthAwarenessMonth

by Dancan Odingo ([email protected])

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