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Learn more & join

Learn more & Join

Thank you for your interest in KPA – The Kenya Psychiatric Association is primarily an association of Kenyan Psychiatrists. We have the following different types/ categories of memberships.

Full membership shall be open to any registered medical doctor with a Masters of Medicine in Psychiatry or other postgraduate psychiatry qualification recognized by the Kenya Medical practitioners and dentists board. (MPDB)

Full Membership registration fee is Ksh 5,000 

Any postgraduate student in Psychiatry/ registrar.

Associate Membership registration fee is Ksh 3,000

Any Medical Practitioner/ Health care worker affiliated to the Psychiatry specialization. These include:-

a) Psychiatric Social Workers
b) Psychologists
c) Psychiatric Nurses
d) Other professionals engaged in mental health care.

Affiliate Membership Registration fee is Ksh 3,000

Any person who has made outstanding contribution to the field of psychiatry whom the association may wish to invite to become a member.

Those who were full members at the time the association was launched

Any not for Profit Organization whose work is aligned to the aims and objectives of the Association

The Corporate Membership registration fee is Ksh 20,000

Bank Account details: –

Business Number: 4037399

Account Name: Your Name

Amount: – Membership Type

For KPA membership kindly fill the following form.

You will be added to the mailing list for future correspondences, especially for Continuous medical education meetings (CME) and Conferences. You will receive a membership number & card & qualify for other benefits of membership including online learning, priority in sponsorships and training, and subsidized fees at conferences.

A copy of your Kenya Medical and practitioners and dentists board retention certificate (State your KMPDB number) this is not required for affiliate members.
A scanned copy of your Master of Medicine in Psychiatry or any other postgraduate qualification degree. For registrars the letter of acceptance into the postgraduate program and year started will be sufficient. A copy of your highest earned qualification should be attached for affiliate members (Bachelor’s degree, Diploma, certificate etc.)
A passport size photo ( for the membership card)
Proof of membership fee payments (scanned deposit slip)

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