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Types of membership

Thank you for your interest in KPA. We are primarily an association of Kenyan Psychiatrists and offer various membership categories.

Full Membership

Requirements: Any registered medical doctor with a Masters of Medicine in Psychiatry or other postgraduate psychiatry qualification recognized by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board. (KMPDB)


Requirements: A postgraduate student enrolled in a psychiatry program at an institution officially recognized by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board (KMPDB).


Requirements: Must be a member affiliated to the psychiatry specialization such as Psychiatric Social Workers, Psychologists, Psychiatric Nurses and Other professionals engaged in mental health care.


Requirements: Any individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of psychiatry that the association may wish to invite to become a member.


Requirements: Any nonprofit organization whose work aligns with the aims and objectives of the Association.


Requirements: Individuals who held full membership status at the time the association was launched.

Choose your Membership Type

Use our simple application to find the right membership level and share your professional skills and qualifications.

Join the Community

Once your application is approved, you'll receive acceptance notification, a membership certificate, and the opportunity to join one of KPA's sub-committees.

Advance Your Career

As a member, you'll gain exclusive access to research journals, publications, and career resources to fully benefit from the KPA community.

  1. A copy of your Kenya Medical and practitioners and dentists board retention certificate (State your KMPDB number) this is not required for affiliate members.
    KMPDB Certificate (Must be .pdf, .doc, or .docx)
  2. A scanned copy of your Master of Medicine in Psychiatry or any other postgraduate qualification degree. For registrars the letter of acceptance into the postgraduate program and year started will be sufficient. A copy of your highest earned qualification should be attached for affiliate members (Bachelor’s degree, Diploma, certificate etc.)
  3. Passport photo (Must be .pdf, .doc, or .docx)
  4. A passport size photo ( for the membership card)
  5. Deposit slip (Must be .pdf, .doc, or .docx)
  6. Proof of membership fee payments (scanned deposit slip)

Why you should join KPA

Every KPA member has the privilege of accessing exclusive, specialized information related to career development, the latest research, psychiatry trends, ongoing education initiatives, mentorship prospects, and exemplary case studies featuring fellow members.

KPA provides a platform to connect with fellow psychiatric professionals in Kenya. You can build valuable relationships, share experiences, and collaborate with colleagues in the field.

Access to KPA’s CME programs, workshops, and seminars, which help you stay updated with the latest research, treatment approaches, and developments in psychiatry and mental health.

As a member of KPA, you can earn CPD points by participating in our CME programs, workshops, and events. These CPD points can be invaluable for renewing your professional licenses, ensuring that you meet the regulatory requirements and can continue to practice psychiatry with a valid license. This benefit not only saves you time and effort but also helps you maintain your professional credentials without interruption.

As a KPA member, you have the privilege of being listed in our member directory and can showcase your psychiatric services on the KPA’s website. This feature not only enhances your professional visibility but also helps potential clients, colleagues, and collaborators find you easily. It’s a valuable marketing tool that can help you connect with patients and fellow professionals, expanding your network and opportunities within the field of psychiatry.

Members of KPA have access to a wealth of resources, including research publications, journals, guidelines, and best practices that can assist in your professional work.

KPA offers mentorship opportunities, allowing you to learn from experienced psychiatric professionals and grow in your career.

By being a part of KPA, you have a collective voice to advocate for important mental health issues in Kenya, ensuring that the needs of both patients and practitioners are considered in policy decisions.

Opportunities to be recognized for your contributions to the field of psychiatry in Kenya through awards, honors, and scholarships.

Priority access and often reduced registration fees for KPA conferences, symposiums, and events, providing you with opportunities to enhance your knowledge and skills.

A sense of belonging and support from a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for mental health in Kenya.

KPA may offer opportunities to publish your research, case studies, or articles in its journals and publications.

The chance to take on leadership roles within KPA, allowing you to contribute to the organization’s growth and development while gaining leadership experience.

KPA is actively involved in advocating for better mental health services and resources in Kenya. Your membership supports these advocacy efforts, making a difference in the lives of patients.

KPA offers online courses, webinars, and resources, making it convenient for members to engage in continuing education from within Kenya.

Exclusive member discounts on KPA events, services, products, and insurance, potentially saving you money and enhancing your professional development.

Opportunities to collaborate on research projects with other KPA members, facilitating the advancement of knowledge in the field of psychiatry and mental health in Kenya.

KPA is affiliated with international organizations, providing you with opportunities to connect with professionals and resources on a global scale while maintaining a strong focus on Kenya’s unique challenges and needs in mental health care.